Leased Line

SEVEN STAR DIGICOMM PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the leading service providers for IP based communication services. Way 2 Intenet Services Pvt Ltd. started in 2005 . Way 2 Intenet Services Pvt Ltd. committed to become the Networking industry’s best partner in providing flexible Networking and Storage based solutions that address the requirements of the public as well as private sectors. We at Way 2 Intenet Services Pvt Ltd. have a focus on creating long term relationship by delivering world class standards of service and consistently improving value of our service for our clients.

Our company strength differentiates us from our competitors allowing us to grow and advance with confidence by :

- Adopting innovative approaches to design and build our service

- Subscribing to an ethos of partnering

- Proving our capability through consistently delivering high quality solutions to complex challenges


» Connect all Buildings through fiber connectivity

» Flexible Data Plans

» provide 100 Mbps speed each customer


» Connect Every Computer to our excellent services with 100% satisfaction.


» Dedication to Truth: We will always give importance to what is right rather than who is right.

» Take Responsibility: We will 'Give What it Takes' (GWIT) to create results. Blame No one.

» Dedication service: We will always try to give dedicated internet service.